RCL - San Agustin

is a place where we live in freedom and in harmony with nature. A place where we learn to be free, to love and to be loved and to take responsibility. The community in the Andes in southern Colombia was born in 2014. Since then we experience together what it means to live with a maximum of freedom and as part of a family and utopian vision at the same time.

How we live together

The center of our community is the main house which has space for living and sleeping and it contains our kitchen. Beside that there some more simple houses for the family and two bigger houses, that are built and used by long-term residents. Our land has around 14ha so parts of the family build up there camps on the land. As it rains frequently (especially between May and August) this camps need waterproof tents or some kind of rain protection.

Although we are constantly expanding our gardens, we are still far away from 100% self-sufficiency. So we are doing market mission every sunday/monday (market days in San Agustin). For that we are collecting money with our Magic Hat and spending this in town for the most organic and healthy food what the budget allows. We also need to buy materials to maintain our infrastructure.

All the food is availible in the kitchen. So everyone who feels hungry is invited to prepare food. To keep the energy high it is very important always to cook for the whole family. When food is done we make a food call to gather the family and to celebrate and share the food.

We are one! Living in a Crystal Land means to always feel responsible for the family and the earth where we live on. If you see a job, it is yours! There is no reason to talk about what “we should do”. It’s allways better to give an example and start acting. There is alway something to do, like gathering fire wood, taking care of the gardens and plants, digging shitpits, keeping the spaces beautyful, offering workshops and to spreading positive vibes.

Become one with us

Join our community and become a part of the family! Find our community in San Agustin (in the city known as “Arco Iris”)

This project is still in its infancy. We need motivated people who want to share and shape this vision. We have a high fluctuation of travellers here. Therefore it is important to find more people who are willing to commit to the long-term development of this place. Since our community is based on Magic Hat, we depend on donations to expand our infrastructure. Please support our crowdfundings!