The New Land

Since many years we are trying to extend the land of our Crystal Land in San Agustin. In 2019 a group of brothers and sisters came to together and finaly freed about 95.000m² (9.5ha) of additinal land, which is now avalible for reforestation, houses and gardens.

The new land is a ten-minutes walk from the main house. For many years it has been a cow field. So on big parts of the new land is not so much vegetation beside gras. That’s why one of the first projects will be the reforstation. But there is also already around 15.000m² of beautyful forest.

Building something new starting on a green field means a high degree of freedom in terms of landscape design.


  • Water System

  • Gardens

  • Greenhouses

  • Compost Toilets

  • Reforestation / Food Forest

  • Kitchen + Rocket Stove + Oven