🌈 Rainbow Crystal Land ✨ Manifestation Gathering 🌎

Hi Family,

We are inviting you to the Manifestation Gathering on the new Land of the Rainbow Crystal Land in San Agustin (Colombia).

We are looking for brothers and sisters who like to stabilize our long term projects and bringing the vision to the next evolutionary level. We are building community structures, reforesting the new free land and going to synchronize about lessons learnt and new visions.

The Vision of the Rainbow Crystal Land is described in the RCL Handbook.

Since we are here all year you can arrive at any point of time. Seed camp already started. We are manifesting this dream into our reality in love and consciousness.

💛 Love & Light 💡

The family of the RCL in San Agustin

How to prepare

  • Our community is in about 2000m altitude. So bring warm clothes and blankets to keep you warm in the night. There will also be rain. Bring some rain protection.

  • bring seeds, music instruments, motivation, love and good vibes

  • The Vision of the Rainbow Crystal Land is to bring the Rainbow Spirit to more permanence and to create a global network of self-sustainable communities. See the RCL Handbook to learn more about the vision.

  • Living in a free and open community is challenging and mistakes are a way of learning. Read our lesson learnt

  • support the crowdfundings. We hope that we can provide a lot of materials for different projects during the gathering. For that we need your support!

  • leave dogs, cats, lies, drugs, electronic devices and meat at home


Start: 2020-01-26
End: 2020-03-25

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