Lesson learnt

Since we are open to everyone and living with and from our earth we have to face all kinds of energies to find working solutions for the challenges of our time.

Living in a Crystal Land is sometimes challenging. But every challenge is happening for a reason and is helping us to learn, to integrate and to rise consciousness.

In some years of Rainbow Crystal Land we learned a lot of lessions which we want to share on this place.


Because we have no real winter in this part of the world, we have the oppertunity to grow our own food all the year. But we are still far away from being selfsustainabil. We learned that there are challenges and things to take into account:


The ph-level of our soil is quite low (acid), what makes it harder for a lot of plants to absorb the nutrition of the soil. Also we have a lot of rain here so the soil get washed out. We learned that we have to prepare our soil.

In the moment we are experimenting with different kinds of compost, efective microorganisms and minerals, that we add to the soil.

Also we are trying to get more detailed analysis about or soil and we doing research to understand better the system of soil, plants, organism and minerals.

Lost Gardens

Our community has a lot of fluctuation of family. It happend quite often that brothers and sisters started their seperated gardens but than they left and the garden got lost (overgrown by other plants).

To avoid that it is always better to include other brothers and sisters in your garden project, share the knowledge and in case you leave, finde brothers and sisters that will go on with focalizing your garden.

Permaculture School

Since some month their is a free local permaculture school just 30 minutes to walk from the Crystal Land. This is a good opportunity for us to learn about permaculture in this climate and also to connect with our neighbors.

Infrastructure projects

Beside serving our daily needs we have to build long lasting structures.


These long term projects depend on fundings, which can not always be covered by Magic Hat. Sometimes these fundings comes from brothers or sisters inside our community. Sometimes from family and friends somewhere eles on that planet. Sometimes projects can not be realized or set on hold because of missing fundings.

Project Definition

We learned that a clear project definition, which is answering the questions …

  • What is the aim of that project?
  • What are we going to build?
  • Which are the essential steps?
  • Which are the materials that are needed?
  • Where do we find the materials?
  • How do we transport the materials?
  • Which tools are needed?
  • What are the costs?
  • Who will be the Focalizer?

… and some graphical visualisations are very helpful.

If there is a good project definition and presentaion and the motivation of focalizers, the fundings will come to the right time.

Online Crowdfunding

The vision of the Rainbow Crystal Lands is to build a global network. So we are experimenting with online media for the documentation of our work, spreading energy and call for support. Our Website rainbowcrystal.land is a collection of linked projects.

Land Buying

Since many years we try to expand the land of our Community. In 2019 we bought 9,5 additional Hektars and learnd some lessions.

To free land we learned that no legal structure is needed. We just put several names on the land title. This way nobody can sell the land anymore. We don’t need an legal and organisational structure.

Land Contribution Consensus

The Rainbow Crystal Land is based on donations. But we have to aknowledge that the decision to donate land is normaly connected with the wish of the donator to settle down at the crystal land, build a house and have some private space. So we found a consenus which gives some security to the donator while keeping our vision alive.

Please see the Land Contribution Consensus

Available Land

There is still a lot of land available around our Crystal Land. We are looking for brothers and sisters that want to help us to free more of this land.

Energy Flow

Like always in life in our community energy is comming in waves. Sometimes we all feel very high energy and things are just flowing. Sometimes we feel the energy more low, we have to face challenges, find a new balences and resynchronize.


Manifestation needs initial energy from individuals. Once someone started something the energy of manifestation will effect others and maybe the whole community. It’s a kind of magic and every one can be a wizzard.

We are One

Living in community means to be part of it, to integrate all parts in harmony.

Food Circles

Celebrating and Sharing the food is an act of love and brings unity to the family.

Rain season

Between May and August is more rain up here and the life in the community less comfortable.

We need to find ways to stabilize our community in this time.