Battery Tools

Our project is growing and one of the next big steps will be the extension of our infrastucture. We will finish the main house and plans for communal structures like domes, a maloka, tree houses and personal building projects of course are in sight.

To physically manifest our Vision of the Crystal Land we need to stock up our tools.

To go ahead with our Project in full speed we have calculated an amount of 2.000€ to fund these tools. There is also a crowdfunding for solar power at the new land as we need to charge the tools.

The majority of these funds will be invested in Power tools and a battery system that is reliable and extendible, so all our upcoming needs in the years ahead can be covered by that battery system.

The high reliability is important for us as well. We want to reduce the waste we are creating over the years as much as possible, so we prefer to go with high instead of lower Quality tools.

We would like to fund these 3 categories:

  1. Battery Power tools as our wide land requires equipment that works off grid
  • We would like to buy a jigsaw, a recipro saw, an angel grinder as well as two drills as they are the most important tool (approximately 60% of the funds)
  • To run these tools we need a charger and 3 batteries (approximately 25% of the funds)
  1. Simple tools like levels, clamps, nippers, strap ratches and measuring tools (approximately 10% of the funds)

  2. Screws and Nails as well as wear parts like drills, Saw blades and disks for the grinder (approximately 5% of the funds)

We would like to invite you for a donation if you feel the call. We highly appreciate any help that we get and invite everybody to visit our project.

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