Rainbow Crystal Land Vision

Rainbow Crystal Land (RCL) envisions a global network of open and ownerless communities and free and equal individuals living in peace and harmony with the earth. It’s an organically growing common vision shared by thousands of people around the world; it is not an organization or a set of rules and there is no central leadership.

RCL is a social movement offering a complete alternative living solution for everyone. There are many similar visions, communities and networks out there - RCL competes with no one and co-operates with everyone.

  • We free lands from ownership and give it back to mother nature
  • Our communities are open to everyone. Come and join us!
  • Our structure is horizontal and decentralized. There is no central leadership
  • We create a culture of love and sharing
  • We don’t use money inside and between our communities
  • Our goal is selfsustainability within a decentralized network

The concept in detail is explained in the RCL Handbook.

This new website aims to make visible projects and communities which are working together on this vision. It is launched by the community in San Agustin, Colombia, where people believe and live this vision.

We are looking for people to manifest this vision together with us. We know that you are out there. This project is still in its infancy but probably millions or billions of people have the same desire or are already doing it. We invite you to become one with us. Come to us or start new projects and connect with us and each other.

Our projects are all based on motivation, donations and willingness. For the healing of the planet we need each one. Join us and support our crowdfundings if you can.

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